Frequently Asked Questions


Cart Hold: The information provided by Eventbrite does not clarify a cart hold, therefore, it is safer to assume that there is NO cart hold. We strongly suggest creating an account at Eventbrite.com and signing in before tickets go live.

Children: Children (12 and under) can attend the show with a children’s ticket and must enter at the same time as the accompanying parent/guardian. Children aged two and under are admitted free. Children must ALWAYS be accompanied by a parent/adult guardian.

Currency: USD

Hotel: We currently have two room blocks at separate hotels for Friday and Saturday evening.  See website for pricing and booking links.  https://polishandbeautyexpo.com/elements/hotel-information/

Lanyards: Lanyards will be handed out at the door upon check-in. Please bring your photo ID and download the Eventbrite app or print your ticket to expedite the check-in process.

Nail Polish Making Workshop/Meet & Greet: On Saturday, July 18, there will be two nail polish making workshops and an evening meet & greet. Tickets for those two events are sold separately (your Sunday ticket does not include admission to the workshop or meet & greet event).

Parking: Please see the website for low-cost and free parking options as well as a map of where to park. https://polishandbeautyexpo.com/elements/hotel-information/

Payment Type Accepted: PayPal or a credit card through PayPal. We do not process CC’s ourselves.

Quantity #1: There will be a total of 125 VIP Swag Bags between the VIP and VIP bundles.

Quantity #2: You MAY purchase as many tickets as you want, but you are only eligible to claim ONE VIP Swag Bag. If you are purchasing a ticket for a friend or a group, you must enter the name and information for each person, and each ticket. After purchasing, you must then transfer each ticket on Eventbrite to someone else, and they must be present to claim their own VIP bag. You can transfer tickets up until the day before the event.

Swag Bags: Every ticket purchased except for the Children’s/Non-Shopping Adult tickets will be guaranteed a bag. In the event we sell out of general admission tickets with product included, we reserve the right to add a ticket level without product included.

Ticket Availability: General admission and kid tickets will be available at the door if we have not reached capacity.  The at-the-door tickets may not include product.  Only applicable tickets purchased online are guaranteed to include product.

Tickets, Refunds, Transfers: Tickets are refundable until 06/18/2020. Please ensure that your email address is correct when purchasing, as tickets and confirmations will be sent via email to the address provided.

Tickets are transferable. To transfer tickets, you MUST EDIT THE TICKET information online after purchase, with the other person’s name. Ticket transfers are done between the ticket seller and buyer. Polish & Beauty Expo will not be involved in this process. Tickets can be transferred up until the day before the event.

Please either download the Eventbrite.com app (so that we can scan your ticket), or bring your printed ticket with you along with your photo ID.

You will be allowed entry at the time specified on your ticket. No Exceptions.

All tickets have in-and-out privileges.

VIP Tickets & Swag Bags: No matter how many VIP tickets you have, there is only ONE VIP BAG PER PERSON. Valid photo ID must be presented to claim your VIP Swag Bag. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Taxes and Fees: Eventbrite’s service fee (standard with all event-ticketing apps), has been built into the ticket price for you.  Additional taxes may also apply.