Christy Rose

Alchemy Lacquers

Rebecca Schachter

Atomic Polish

Stacey Matern

by Dany Vianna

Daniela Costa e Silva Vianna

Copacetic Cosmetics

Olivia Trujillo

Crypt Kitty Designs

Tabitha Peters

Crystal Knockout

Candace Greggs-Gardner

Dark Moon Esscentuals

Aly Vanderlinde

Different Dimension

Missi Hartman

DRK Nails

Katia Ferreira

Fair Maiden

Adrienne Awad & Sarah Holmgren

Glitter Unique

Nikki & Brian Naumann

Great Lakes Lacquer

Mariah Jonckheere

Jen & Berries

Jenny Locicero

Kathleen & Co.

Mia McNeal

Leesha’s Lacquer

Alicia De La Cruz


Jennalyn Miller

MOJO X Cosmetics

Mija Nichols

NeVerMind Apothecary

Jennifer Rosario


Sarah Smith

Polish Pickup

A community effort, organized by Adrienne Awad & Sarah Holmgren

Psyche Minerals

Molly Crane

Red Eyed Lacquer

Bianca Chapman

Ribbits Stickits

Kristina Lilly

Rogue Lacquer

Rachel Wraith

Sassy Sauce Polish

Carrie Duffy

Swamp Gloss

Katie Yazbeck

Sweet & Sour Lacquer

Darlene Cavazos

The Soapy Chef

Leanna Blacher

Whats Up Beauty

Alena and Luther Monson

Zombie Claw

Sabrina Berg