Christy Rose

Bee’s Knees Lacquer

Sarah Green

Crystal Knockout

Candace Greggs-Gardner

Cupcake Polish

Sara Casey

Dark Moon Esscentuals

Aly Vanderlinde

Different Dimension

Missi Hartman

Dollish Polish

Dolly Manzo

Don Deeva

Danette Marie

Ethereal Lacquer

Meagan Fowler

Fair Maiden

Adrienne Awad & Sarah Holmgren

Glisten & Glow

Jill Rehm-Craine

Great Lakes Lacquer

Mariah Jonckheere

Heather’s Hues

Heather Wanczyk

Kathleen & Co.

Mia McNeal

Nail Hoot

Brandie Collins

Native War Paints

Amanda Pigeon-Scribner

Oh Fer Cute

Stacey Matern


Shannon & Josh


Rita Kikkawa

Polish Pickup

A community effort, organized by Adrienne Awad & Sarah Holmgren


Sarah Smith

Quixotic Polish

Mary Mouroulis

Sassy Sauce Polish

Carrie Duffy

Supernatural Lacquer

Stefanie Sanders

The Nail Bazaar

Meghan Girouard

The Purple Sage

Sandy Engels

The Soapy Chef

Leanna Blacher

Vapid Wax

Jennifer Kluttz

Whats Up Nails

Alena and Luther Monson